Gastric Sleeve: Staples and The Newest Technology | Dr Alvarez from Endobariatric

Here’s Dr Alvarez of Endobariatric to share the newest information on staples and technology in regards to the gastric sleeve surgery.

Current technology which most gastric sleeve surgeons use is a standard 3.5mm staple. The Tri-Staple technology which are the staples we use at Endobariatric go from 3.0mm to 3.5mm to 4.0mm to adjust to the patients tissues thickness.

Previous (or current) technology are square staples which can misfire and not bend correctly when being struck on the anvil ( the bottom piece that helps bend the staple into place).

The new state of the art (Tri-Staple) are rounded staples with a new and improved anvil ( the piece that helps bend the staple).

Into the Operating Room:

Here we are preforming a sleeve gastrectomy with the most fascinating and high tech instruments nowadays.

Endobariatric is thrilled to announce a partnership with Medtronic (which is formerly Covidien in the US) and we are using their latest technology for the perfect sleeve that can be crafted.

We are also very proud to be using Tri State cartridges which means staples that adapt to the tissues thickness, but also using the I-Drive which is the staple (or firing gun) that senses tissue and electronically fires the staples.

As you can see from the video, how the instrument deploys or fires and how it retracts and opens to produce the perfect staple line.

The result is just astonishing. Notice how the instrument moves perfectly and steadily pushing the anvil forward then backward to split the stomach in half leaving the staples fixed shaped along the stomach.

After the staples, we over sew the line with sutures to reinforce and prevent leaks. Then we extract the portion of the stomach that was removed in the sleeve surgery. The portion is removed from the abdominal cavity.

Then we reinspect everything, remove the gauze and place a stitch across the abdominal wall to prevent hernias down the road at the site of the extraction. Then we inject a long lasting anesthetic to prevent discomfort at the site. We recheck everything again before we remove instruments.

“Changing Lives…One Sleeve At A Time!”

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